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Eco-Friendly British Garden Rooms

Our garden rooms are designed for life. We build with the most durable materials, using the fewest possible resources. This means a greater upfront investment is soon balanced by significantly lower long-term running costs.

London Garden Rooms proudly supports British manufacturing, utilising a short, local, supply chain wherever possible on each project.

All our garden rooms are designed specifically for you, this minimises waste, and ensures each installation meets our rigorous environmental commitments.

Our garden rooms are built to the highest possible specifications, they’re designed to be enjoyed for decades. This reduces the demand for energy, and other natural resources, and minimises our carbon footprint over the long-term.

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Our Sustainable Building Process

At London Garden Rooms we’re committed to building sustainably. Our process is carefully designed to ensure the lowest environmental impact, whilst still delivering the value for money you expect.

“Our philosophy is to build with the most durable materials, using the fewest possible resources”


We install our garden rooms on large, galvanised steel screw foundations, not on a traditional concrete base. We were one of the first companies to use this method, and it’s now widely adopted by the building industry. Not only is this approach more versatile, durable, and stronger, but also significantly more environmentally friendly:

  • Minimal groundwork preparation – avoiding damage to landscape or trees
  • Reduced installation disruption – electrical tools only, no plant hire with associated cost and noise
  • Recycling potential – steel foundations can be reused or recycled if needed


Our roofing systems use the Firestone RubberGard EPDM membrane, the market-leading sustainable garden room roofing solution. EPDM is an inert material with limited environmental impact during the manufacturing, installation, and use stage.

Our roofing systems come with a 20-year guarantee and have a life-expectancy of 50+ years.

They are Greenpeace’s recommended roofing membrane.

We also install full guttering and downpipes and encourage our customers to use water butts to retain and re-use water to irrigate their gardens.

Green Roofs

We can also install a Sedum living roof as part of your garden room project. Sedum roofs are far more than just an eye-catching aesthetic option. They also generate several eco-friendly benefits:

  • Natural wildlife habitat
  • Prevents flooding – drains rainfall more slowly ensuring less pressure on local drainage
  • Noise reduction
  • Increased thermal insulation


We closely monitor our cladding and flooring supply chains to ensure they always align with our sustainability commitments. All our timber is premium quality and designed to last for the long life of our garden rooms.

When timber is sourced sustainably it is one of the most environmentally-friendly building materials available.


Our insulated garden rooms have the lowest U values of any similar design. This is due to the market-leading structural insulated panels (SIPs) we use. Our SIPs keep you and your family warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer. Lower energy bills for you, and the lowest possible environmental impact.

Our aluminium doors and windows are environmentally A-rated, and significantly more sustainable, and effective, than similar uPVC options.

Just One Tree

At London Garden Rooms we’re proud to say that we’re part of the Just One Tree initiative.  They help us plant at least two trees for every project we complete to further reduce our carbon footprint

Not only are sustainable trees an essential part of our garden room installation but they’re one of the best methods we have for removing C02 from the atmosphere.

We’re committed to a sustainable future, and proud to play our part.

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